“I am a contemporary artist with a heavy focus on emotive contemporary work as well as the female form. My aim or mission is an internal desire to create something outside of myself, something of purpose and significance which highlights that connects with the viewer in a more meaningful way.

I would describe my painting style as contemporary with an element of pop art, I use acrylic paint whilst adding texture and depth with chalk and oil pastels. One of my main inspirations is the female form, specifically woman I know or who I connect with from their life story. I have a strong desire to showcase the power & strength women have, and since having a daughter myself I have a deeper connection and understanding of how we bring life into this world and how we influence and shape the world.

I draw inspiration from my own experiences in life and have a deep connection to women and their place in society today. My practise is very connected to shared personal experiences, I believe connection is ultimately why we are here.

I use a lot of my own poetry, words and phrases I have heard in my life in my work and layer them on top of each other on the canvas.

I ultimately see my work as a mirror to my soul but also a mirror to others, someone could stand in front of one of my pieces and connect so deeply to it because they also share the experience I have had which is reflected in the piece.

When the lights are switched off and under a UV light, my paintings reveal another layer of depth and meaning, some details that may have been lost shine through. There is light even in the dark”.